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Episode 289 - Monopoly

Many people dislike Monopoly, but many people don't actually play according to the rules.


Episode 275 - Europa

Today's topic of Mythic proportions comes to us from Angela in Connecticut. Send in your own ideas to


Episode 268 - Mommy

W.W.F.S.? (What Would Freud Say?)


Episode 259 - Wu Zetian

A true rags to riches story.


Episode 254 - Joan v. The Pig

I sure wish I had Joan's sense of humor...

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Episode 253 - The Prophecy

Is it obvious yet that I really enjoy making this show? If not, then 3:12 today should pretty much prove it...


Episode 252 - Dress Code

Joan sets fashion trends 600 years later.


Episode 251 - Trampled Fleur

My show seems to have a high count of stories lately about cross-dressing female warriors.


Episode 238 - From Here to Timbuktu

Seriously, I didn't realize it was a real place for a long time! Why do I keep admitting that?


Episode 230 - Frozen

Visit to find links to translations of all the stories covered this week.